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Depending on the amount of data, an import may take some seconds. As the response will be sent after the import is finished, make sure to allow a request duration of at least 30 seconds.

Each import will return a result in JSON format. If the import was successful, the returned http-status code will be 200 OK. Any other status code means that there were some issues with the import. Warnings in the JSON indicate inconsistent data, however the import succeeds even with warnings.

importResultStringResult of the import. Either SUCCESS or ERROR.
importWarningsString[]Warnings regarding the imported data. Empty list if there were no warnings.
globalValidationResultString?Result of the global data validation. Either SUCCESS, ERROR or null.
globalValidationWarningsobject?Cross entity integrity warnings. null when validation did not run or failed.
globalValidationWarnings.userString[]Integrity warnings regarding users.
globalValidationWarnings.studentString[]Integrity warnings regarding students.
globalValidationWarnings.organizationString[]Integrity warnings regarding organizations.
globalValidationWarnings.courseString[]Integrity warnings regarding courses.
globalValidationWarnings.groupString[]Integrity warnings regarding groups.
globalValidationWarnings.eventString[]Integrity warnings regarding events.
exceptionString?Contains the error message if importResult is ERROR.

Success example

e.g. importing events HTTP-Status: 200

"importResult": "SUCCESS",
"importWarnings": [
"Could not import some events as the corresponding course is missing. Events that could not be imported: <idOfEventWithMissingCourse> (Course: <idOfMissingCourse>)"
"globalValidationResult": "SUCCESS",
"globalValidationWarnings": {
"user": [],
"student": [
"Some students have no corresponding user object: <userIdOfStudentWithMissingUser>"
"organization": [],
"course": [],
"group": [],
"event": []
"exception": null

Error example

HTTP-Status: 400

"importResult": "ERROR",
"importWarnings": [],
"globalValidationResult": null,
"globalValidationWarnings": null,
"exception": "Tried to import an empty list, please check payload format."