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Setup checklist

This checklist assumes, that Studo Flow is already accessible in one of those two ways:

  • Managed hosting by Studo
  • Self-hosted on the universities server infrastructure, read more about this in the self-hosting guide

Custom domain setup (optional)

Per default, Studo Flow is the Studo managed hosting option accessible via the Studo domain It is recommended to change this to a custom domain like

  1. Create a DNS CNAME record for pointing to
  2. Contact us to enable the custom domain in Studo Flow

Login provider setup

After booting Studo Flow for the first time, only your root user exists. To enable login for your users (administrative personal, lecturers, students), you need to configure one or multiple login providers. Go to the system configuration and click configure login providers in the toolbar. More information

Role mapper

Studo Flow can manage authorization and permissions for your users. The Flow role mapper exists to map your already existing user roles, which are provided by your login provider, to Studo Flow roles. More information

Data import setup

Studo Flow integrates with your existing system at your university. Import your data from one or multiple campus management systems or student information systems. More information

Semester setup

Configure the time span and number of semesters per year. Read more about this in the semester configuration guide.

User support

Configure a channel, where your users can get support regarding actions available on Studo Flow. More information